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Canadian firearms content.

Canada Guns was born out of a passion for the firearm industries, and a need to share that passion with the world. We are dedicated to professional content production, designed to promote top-tier Canadian companies from coast to coast.

Our goal is simple:  Make awesome content supporting Canadian businesses.

Sprouting our first roots in 2014, we launched the @Canada_Guns Instagram page to casually share content and ideas that other shooters would enjoy. While working full time as Directors / Producers / Editors in the firearms industry, we found ourselves in some incredible locations with various agencies around the world. We had seen so much everywhere else, but nobody seemed to focus on Canada.

Our great country deserves more.

This catalyzed the idea to create videos, articles and content specifically for you, the Canadian shooter. In 2015 our team expanded and Andrew was the next to step on board after retiring from the army. Furthering our reach and operational capacity, and adding a needed military perspective. With his help, Canada Guns took the next step towards becoming a reality, and continues to expand adding more experienced recreational shooters, and veterans of the military and police to bring a blend of content and experience to formulate the best content variety for our viewers.

Are you Canadian? Are you a shooter? We want to work with you! Whether you’re just a fan, or run your own business within the wonderful world of firearms, we have something to offer each other. We want to help market Canadian brands and hear from real Canadian shooters, so please reach out and let’s see how we can  share that passion with the world!

Our All-Star Team

From soldiers to civvies, our team is diverse. With extensive professional backgrounds varying from military service to film & television production, we’re dedicated to bringing you the content you deserve.

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Do you like to shoot guns? Because we want to hear from you! Whether you want to write articles, take pictures or film videos, we want our voice to include yours. Reach out with a sample of your work and tell us how you’d like to fit in!

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