May 15, 2019 Blair Sterling

The Mantis X

How good is your trigger pull?

Are you interested in analyzing data only the way a cyborg could? Well thanks to the Mantis X, now you can attach hard analytics to those fluttery trigger pulls and last second flinches, allowing you to fine-tune your body mechanics in a way never before possible.





The Mantis X is one of the best trigger tracking systems on the market. It’s a data collection device that attaches to any standard rail on rifles or pistols. This easy to install system can even be used on airsoft and other similar guns.








Through the connected app on your smartphone, it gives you feedback on how you’re doing during your dry fire and/or live fire practice. This easy to use system captures your shooting style before, during, and after trigger presses, and can identify trigger jerks, wrist breaks, and other issues that may affect your shot.






The app will review your shots over a period of time and give you overall scores for each shot. In addition, it gives you personalized feedback based on your shooting, and will give you some tips on how to improve for next time. Don’t know how to get started? Don’t’ sweat it. The app will give you suggestions for drills to perform based on your shooting profile.




To learn more about the Mantis X and their latest products, visit



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