April 22, 2020 Adam Caruana

Nobody Gives a Damn!

Unpopular Opinion Time

The majority of Canadians do not give one flying flippideedoodaday about you or your firearms.


Whether you hunt to provide food for you family, you protect your livestock and crops, or you love the wind through your beard while you’re burning a stage down on range. They don’t. They really don’t. I do. You do. But they certainly do not.

In saying this, I think we as a community miss the mark in terms of our sales pitch at times. Karen doesn’t care you can’t play with your AR, she wants whatever she feels will be best for her and her circle.

I think we could do a massive service to ourselves if instead of championing our right to ownership only, we pick up the mantle of those issues in society which are directly linked to the events and issues which cause us to always be on the defensive against a government who clearly doesn’t want you armed, and a society that could really care less.

[ point in case: these recent tragic events. Yes we have our questions, yes we want answers. But let’s talk about the real issues which lead this scumbag to go down this road. We already know the gun isn’t to blame. Let’s address these issues which may lessen their occurrence which will result in us being left alone. And actually part of the solution and not the problem ]

We should be on the front line pushing for better social programs, keeping our (yes our) youth out of the criminal lifestyle, urging for reforms for our criminal justice system, our prison system, our mental health system. Basically, all of our systems.

Instead we get stuck between mom and dad (read liberals and conservatives) who giveth and taketh with the same hand. I don’t believe conservatives are really our allies outside of their want of our votes. They’ve shown this time and time again, but I don’t want to digress into a political debate.

We all want a logical, efficient, and functioning system that allows those that have gone through the process to possess firearms to be able to enjoy them. Whether shooting yote, banging bucks, murdering clays, or two alpha-ing the heck out of that a-zone.

Support your advocacy groups, teach your circle about safe and responsible firearms ownership, always continue to stand up for our ability to own firearms so that our children’s children enjoy that privilege as well and maybe society would be a bit more receptive to the group of people with the AR’s.

Love you guys. There’s a lot of BS in our community we can work on. So, let’s do the work.

/end rant

– AC


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